Holy Trinity Orphanage Poor Peoples Educational Social Service Society

Bringing hopes, Changing Lives.
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Collaboration in Charitable Activities

“The spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me To bring Good News to the poor, He has sent me to proclaim the Good News Release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, To let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour” Lk. 4:18, 19

This prophecy of Isaiah was literally fulfilled in Jesus. “Jesus went about doing well”. It is to continue this mission of doing good that his followers are called and sent. Every person/organization should take up the apostolic activities to alleviate human suffering. – our society HOPESSS take up various programmes and projects in the cause of the poor, needy, the neglected, the marginalized and the underprivileged of the Society.

We are called…

… to witness to Holy Trinity of Love,
… to share in Christ’s concern for the poor, Marginalised…
… to participate in the church’s social mission,
… to alleviate suffering,
… to spread hope,
… to share in the transformation of unjust systems,
… to promote equality and dignity for all people.
… to minister to families, women and children, youth,….
… to bring the values of Jesus to individuals and social structures.

Hope to the Hopeless, Voice to the Voiceless, Home to the Homeless, Life to be Lived, Hungry to be Filled, Thirsty to be Satisfied, Naked to be Clothed, Sick to be Healed, Lonely to be Loved, Unwanted to be Wanted, Little one to be Embrased, Prisoner to be Visited, Blind to be Lead, Depressed to be Consoled, Dump to speak for him, Crippled to walk with him….,

Do you know which is the costliest liquid in the world?


It is made of 1% of water & 99% feeling.

See the TEAR with your heart, it touches & moves your heart.

Are you willing to wipe away “TEARS”?

Are you willing to sacrifice & share in order to wipe away “TEARS”?

Christ said

“Go to the Least,
Go to the Lost,
Go to the Last.”

Give HOPESSS for a normal life with a future to those who have not had as much luck as we have had.


Every second, our life spam decreases

It is not, HOW many years we live, but HOW WE LIVE

LIVE with human relations, commitments, Love, concern, affection, consolation, gratitude, Kindness…..

Kindness is the language, in which Dumb can speak, Deaf can hear & understand, Lonely one feels relaxation……..

A man with full of Wealth/Power/Prestige, but no one shares in HIS/HER Joys & Sorrows is equal to a Dead Person. A person who is not interested in knowing the cause of TEAR & NOT responding to wipe the TEAR, not sharing in Joys/ Sorrows is equal to Dead person……..understand the feelings of others & help others.

I would like to express a small incident happened in palmetto village:

“Mary with her daughter living in one village. For their survival, mother should work. With her daily wage, she used to feed her daughter. One day, mother became sick, she did not go for work; now little bit tension in the heart of mother. When she searched in the house, she found only one loaf of bread. Mary gave that one loaf of bread to her daughter and said to eat. Daughter asked her mother, whether you ate, mother said, I ate. When her daughter began to eat, mother stomach was filled. Mother slept with empty stomach suffering from fever.”

There are so many people, who were eating once. 70% 0f people going to bed with a half meal.

“Specialty stands in you, by being simple

  • To stand for the weaker sections
  • To raise up down- trodden
  • To suffer for sufferer & oppressor.”

A rupee can give Life to someone & the same rupee can kill others Life. Kindly sacrifice luxuries & save Lives. Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step, preserving of rupee saves hundred Lives. Don’t curse darkness, at least light a candle, don’t curse poverty, at least give HOPESSS to Live. DIE ONCE, LIVE TWICE.

A helping hand can change life