Holy Trinity Orphanage Poor Peoples Educational Social Service Society

Bringing hopes, Changing Lives.
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Holy Trinity Orphanage Poor Peoples Educational Social Service Society (HOPESSS) is a registered Non Profit and Non Governmental Organization registered in 2013. It is registered under Societies Registration Act in 2013 (No. 984/2013). It is also registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India under FCRA. It is further registered under 12A & 80G of Income Tax Act and with commissioner of PF. Its PAN is AABTH 1749L. Holy Trinity Orphanage Poor Peoples Educational Social Service Society (HOPESSS) is a mass initiative totally devoted towards the integrated development of DALITS, SLUMS and primitive TRIBAL groups of SAVARA, JATHABU and EBC’s in the remote villages of Srikakulam district and also a radical changes in the lives of marginalized and disadvantaged children, youth, women, Dalits, where there was people are under much difficulty circumstances. . They live in about 126 villages scattered among the hills and the valley. The electric light, telephone, roads, schools, post office, adequate housing, drinking water and hospital are not yet within their reach of everyday life. They are all illiterate. These people have no other means of earning to maintain, except by their daily labour in daily wages process. And these people are facing many problems as and when there is no work, then no food for them. Many Families Starve, when there is no work. Many families eat one Meal a day. Due to the above drastic situation, most of them are migrating to various places so far from here to get livelihood. The majority of people are still remaining poor and dwelling in acute poverty. The Wage, they get is not at all sufficient even from hand to Mouth. But what about their children development. They don’t even take much initiative & interest of their own child Health, good Nutrition food, education….etc. because of Poverty. The opportunities or programs meant for poor have not been reaching the real beneficiaries. In this context, our Society has come forward to commit themselves for the development of the poor people, as with our own participation. This was the main reason; HOLY TTINITY ORPHANAGE POOR PEOPLES EDUCATIONAL SOCIAL SERVICE SOCIETY (HOPESSS) comes into existence. It is now fully committed towards the sustainable development in the lives of marginalized, Slums, Advises with special emphasis on Women and disadvantaged children, youth, women, Dalits and Tribal communities.

Where there is a need, there is HOPESSS!