Holy Trinity Orphanage Poor Peoples Educational Social Service Society

Bringing hopes, Changing Lives.
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The area Nadukuru, in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh state is, without doubt, the most primitive of the tribal, Dalit and slum area. They live in about 126 villages scattered among the hills and the valley. The electric light, telephone, roads, schools, post office, adequate housing, drinking water and hospital are not yet within their reach of everyday life. They are all illiterate. The HOPESSS are the first in the history of human existence of these tribes, to carry the seeds of education to adults and children. Living with them in the villages and educating adults, the HOPESSS have managed to inculcate in their minds the importance of education to eradicate poverty and underdevelopment. Now, I willingly send their children to school (the first school in that part of the world). “Where there is education, there is no hunger.” They have no one to help them with their education and are disadvantaged in any way. So we are more sensitive and attentive to their please for help. So I request everybody to contribute something for these children and people. “All the suffering in the world arises out of wanting happiness for self. All happiness in the world arises out of wanting happiness for others”. A helping hand can change the world. Mother Teresa said, "No matter how much you give, but when love is put into giving." So, even the most modest of tenders, joining the solidarity of many other people contribution make more effective education of thousands of children who are asking to be supported at a distance. “Try to share some of their poverty and see if you can accept it as God’s will yourself….” HOPESSS needs YOU, your SERVICE, your PRESENCE, your TIME, your TALENT and Your CONTRIBUTION. Your generous contribution will help to brighten the lives of many in need and in distress situation. THERE IS A GREATER JOY IN CARING FOR SOMEONE. There is greater joy to give than to receive. No matter how large or small, your contribution, it makes a difference to a child in need, to a woman in distress, to an aged and sick in pain. Whatever you give to others… comes back to you in multifold. On behalf of everyone in HOPESSS, we thank you for your commitment and constant support. Together let’s work towards a better tomorrow.

Christ said, "I was hungry and you gave me food." He was hungry not only for bread but for the understanding love of being loved, of being known, of being someone to someone. He was naked not only of clothing but of human dignity and of respect, through the injustice that is done to the poor. He was dispossessed not only of a house made of bricks but because of the dispossession of those who are locked up, of those who are unwanted and unloved, of those who walk through the world with no one to care for them.'

- Mother Teresa