Holy Trinity Orphanage Poor Peoples Educational Social Service Society

Bringing hopes, Changing Lives.
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The school is the beacon of light liberating children from the clutches of ignorance, child labor, child prostitution…etc bringing liberation to them all…

Education is the foundation upon which we build our future. Children come to the school premises to study, play and develop into citizens for a better tomorrow. We, as an organization, believe that education and organization are the two important pillars that would facilitate the process of empowerment. Encouragement and economic assistance is essential for education which is a contributing factor to the growth of an individual. There is an intense need to reach out to the children of the underprivileged community to help them grow and develop into self sufficient individuals who can contribute to the society. It is our conviction that being educated and organized, poor and deprived would begin to act, demand for their rights, and gain access to the quality of life they so often are deprived of. Thus educating poor and organizing weak remain our priorities.

Empowerment is impossible without education - both formal and informal. As an organization we make all possible efforts to impart formal and informal education to people. Through education we attempt to create conducive educational environment for children of under privileged and marginalized sections of the society, which will support them to build a progressive future. Even though primary education is the right of every child, some basic knowledge of reading, writing and mathematical skills are essential for growth of any human being and many children reaching higher standard cannot even read or write. Although we already focus on these basic skills in our educational centers we felt the need to respond differently to this problem of children in providing quality education to children without depriving them of the joy of childhood, opportunities to develop and flourish so that they become good and responsible citizen of tomorrow. All these children are very poor, I kindly request you to help them for their education. You can help them by providing books, uniform, food, and for their stationery, toilet maintenance…etc. Help a child; child will help you by his better performance in his/her studies. They stay in contact with you by their letter correspondence. They write in local language and that will be translated into English.