Holy Trinity Orphanage Poor Peoples Educational Social Service Society

Bringing hopes, Changing Lives.
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Promotion of a Just and Humane Society based
on the human values of equality love and peace

  1. A World Where all Children are Valued, Safe and Cared for.
  2. A World Where it Should Never Hurt to Be a Child
  3. For every child born: food, health, education and protection from exploitation.
  4. Every child- Life in all its Fullness.
  5. Lead a self- reliant and sustainable life with dignity
  6. A child friendly HOPES society where all children enjoy their rights
  • Right to Survival.
  • Right to Education, care, leisure, recreation, cultural activities (Article 21A, 29, 30, 45).
  • Right to Participation – to expression, information, thought, religion.
  • Right to SC &ST Education (article 46).
  • Right to Food Nutrition (article 47).
  • Right to Life, Health, Personal Liberty (article14, 19, 21).
  • Right to Development and Right to Participation.
  • Practicing non-discrimination and ensuring the best interest of the child (article 15).
  • Right to Protection – from exploitation, abuse, neglect
  • Right to Shelter.
  • Right to achieve one’s own dreams.
  • Uplifting the lives of the underprivileged people
  1. New wing - bringing light to people living in darkness. A movement, “of the people, by the people, for the people”.

Where there is no Vision a people perish. You see things and you say “Why?”, but I dream things that never were and I say “Why not?” - Bernard Shaw